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  Accompanying translation requires the interpreter to pronounce correctly, speak well and translate accurately. So what should interpreters pay attention to in translation? The following Beijing translation company takes you to understand.


  First, interpreters, both novice and veteran, must prepare carefully, be familiar with the contents of the documents to be translated, and reflect on the relevant field knowledge that may be involved before proceeding with the project of accompanying interpreters. Due to inadequate preparation, poor translation is the interpreter's biggest mistake.


  Second, interpreters should arrive 15-20 minutes ahead of the client and should not be late in any case. If you encounter traffic jams or other special circumstances, be sure to call the customer to explain.


  Third, unlike simultaneous interpretation, most of the accompanying translation projects need to be seen, so we should pay attention to wearing, not too casual to match, not sloppy appearance. As an escort translator, you need to follow the foreign guests around, so it is best to wear formal clothes.


  Fourth, the accompanying translator should learn to watch and see. Because most of the time, the interpreter has to deal with more than formal negotiations. Since customers hire you and pay for the day, they must want your help in every aspect of your life. For example: the customer can not read the recipe, can not find the bathroom, what do you want, the translator should ask if they need help.


  Fifth, when clients ask interpreters to travel to the surrounding areas and related projects privately because of the balance of time or the relatively long free time between them, it is actually very dangerous and should be avoided as far as possible. Because there is no guarantee of payment for such projects, and the second and most important point is that neither the interpreter nor the client has a security problem, and no one can guarantee that no one can be held responsible. In cases that are really unavoidable, explain the circumstances to the customer before departure and find a third party to testify.


  Sixth, Chinese people tend to think that "taking money hurts feelings", while foreigners advocate business affairs. If the customer insists on paying, be sure to say whether to pay once or every day. If conceal dare not say explicitly, suffer a loss or oneself.


  Under normal circumstances, the translation company will charge to the account within one month after the end of the mission, so there are very few cases in which the expenses come to the account within a week, except by stating in advance that the customer pays on the spot.


  Never leave your references alone and contact your clients directly. Even if the presenter allows you to do so, you should report on the project and progress from time to time, or it will leave a bad impression of "ignorance" or "ingratitude". In addition, if the interpretation project is introduced by someone else, after receiving the money, you must inform the introducer that the presenter does not ask you to be grateful to him, but at least should respect others' right to know, and especially because of any problems in the middle. Often you need a referral to help you out.

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