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  Paper translation is a more rigorous type of translation, which requires a high level of vocabulary and translation quality. There are different translation criteria for different subjects. Today, follow the medical translation company to see the matters needing attention in paper translation.


  First, Paper Translation Should Pay Attention to "From One to One"


  All papers published on authoritative platforms must be translated into English. There are great differences in grammar and language habits between Chinese and English. Among them, elliptical sentences are commonly used in Chinese, with concise language and flexible sentence grammar; long sentences are used in English, and grammatical integrity is emphasized in sentence structure. In the process of translation, we must grasp the essence of the spirit and not be unchanged. As for how to cope with the situation, this is the place to show the translator's ability.


  2. Paper translation should pay attention to literal translation and mechanical literal translation.


  In the process of translation, it is impossible for Chinese and English to achieve complete correspondence between vocabulary in the long-term independent development process. In the process of translation, it is inevitable to encounter the phenomenon of asymmetry between vocabulary. Therefore, in the process of translation, proper free translation should be carried out according to the context so as not to expect the meaning of the text and produce ironic translation.


  3. Paper translation should pay attention to "inconsistency between soil and water" and improper collocation of habits.


  There are great differences in grammatical collocation between Chinese and English, so we can't always translate according to one language collocation in the process of translation. This is indeed a big difficulty factor. It requires translators to have both high Chinese accomplishment and high English attainment. People who know little about it often turn over here.


  4. Paper translation should pay attention to "foolish loyalty" and not know how to increase or decrease.


  In the process of translation, we must add or subtract papers appropriately according to the characteristics of the two languages. For example, Chinese is often omitted, so it is necessary to add and explain papers appropriately in the process of translating them into English. When English is translated into Chinese, if the articles are faithfully translated, they will be too complicated and need to be subtracted appropriately.


  5. Pay attention to sentence repetition in thesis translation


  This is also due to the grammatical features of the two languages in the translation of papers. Chinese repeats more to strengthen the mood, while English avoids repetition as much as possible.


  6. Paper Translation Should Pay Attention to the Dim Subject


  The subject of thesis translation is the soul of a sentence, and the key step is to fix the subject of the translation. If the subject is biased, the whole sentence will appear loose and weak, and even mislead the reader.

  七、论文qy288.vip千亿国际需注意结构单调,组合生硬 “拉郎配”

  7. Paper translation should pay attention to monotonous structure and rigid combination.


  Due to the different structures and expressions between Chinese and English, "hard translation" can not only read awkwardly, but also make jokes. This requires translators to use flexible integration techniques in translation, to integrate sentences, to highlight the hidden levels in Chinese and to supplement the missing elements. Sometimes simple sentences are translated into juxtaposition sentences, and sometimes juxtaposition sentences are translated into subject-subordinate sentences.

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