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  The development of translation industry is getting better and better. Many enterprises will use oral translation. However, oral translation is not only a good translation, but also a good organization of language so that customers can understand. What is the reason for the low quality of interpreters? Next, accompany the translation company to take you to understand.


  First, the knowledge is narrow. The knowledge structure of Chinese interpreters varies greatly. Some excellent interpreters receive comprehensive and systematic education, and pay attention to diligence, hard work, continuous accumulation and continuous improvement. Therefore, interpretation is like a fish in water, which makes people awe-inspiring. However, quite a number of interpreters have not received formal interpretation training, and there are serious deficiencies in their knowledge structure. In addition, they do not pay enough attention to broadening their professional knowledge and encyclopedic knowledge. As a result, misunderstanding and translation errors often occur due to lack of knowledge. The main problems in this regard are: lack of professional knowledge, lack of familiarity with the issues discussed, lack of necessary encyclopedic knowledge of politics, economy, humanities, science and technology, commerce, law, history and geography, and lack of familiarity with foreign cultural backgrounds, historical traditions, religious beliefs and customs. Some translators have not read the Bible, the Koran and other classical ideological and cultural works of the countries concerned, but often have to deal with foreigners who are deeply influenced by these classics.


  Secondly, the basic language skills are not solid. Many translators do not or have little rigorous training in basic foreign language skills. Therefore, there are many phenomena such as irregular pronunciation and intonation, vague grammatical concepts, unsatisfactory words, mistranslation and untranslation. The ability of listening and speaking is particularly poor, especially when confronted with dialects and dialects. Even the level of Chinese is not optimistic. The foreign language education system in China has always attached importance to foreign languages rather than Chinese, which has resulted in many translators'congenital deficiencies in their Chinese proficiency. They often encounter "stuck" in ancient Chinese and poetry. In addition, due to the fact that there are not many foreigners who understand Chinese internationally and can act as translators, Chinese translators in most cases have to carry out two-way translation. This is contrary to the international norms of interpretation, and objectively increases the rate of interpreter quality problems in China.


  The third is interpreting skills. Many interpreters have basically not been trained in interpreting skills. They have become monks in the middle of the road. Moreover, the employers do not attach importance to them and their job requirements are not high. Therefore, it is still possible to deal with some specific low-level interpreting work. Once the subject matter and difficulty of interpreting change, they will be stretched to the limit. The main problems in this respect are: first, poor short-term memory and inability to remember a long speech; second, lack of proficiency and standardization in note-taking technology; third, inaccurate digital translation or even untranslated translation; fourth, weak adaptability and inappropriate handling of emergencies; and fifth, inappropriate handling of emergencies. The lack of cross-cultural communication awareness has led to the emergence of many Chinglish or English-Chinese languages. Sixthly, the ability of logical analysis and generalization is not strong enough to be summarized. Ultimately, they refuse to work hard.

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