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  Nowadays, news covers a wide range of areas. Every day, a large number of foreign news needs to be broadcasted. The translation of news headlines should not only be attractive, but also relevant and innovative. Now Beijing Translation Company will tell you about the skills of news translation headlines.
  1. literal translation or basic literal translation of news headlines. Whether literal translation or free translation is right or wrong is a controversial issue in the translation field in our country. It is necessary to make full use of the advantages and avoid the disadvantages in translation according to the actual situation. However, whether literal or free translation, faithfulness to the content of the original text should be given priority.
  2. Adding annotative words in translation. The headlines of English newspapers and periodicals often cater to the reading needs of their readers, and because of the differences in thinking habits between Chinese and English newspapers, the expressions of English headlines are also different from those of Chinese newspapers and periodicals. Therefore, different principles at home and abroad and the reading psychology of Chinese readers must be fully taken into account in the process of translation, and necessary adaptations should be made to relevant information, cultural background knowledge that may not be familiar to the Chinese people, and expressions that do not conform to the reading habits of domestic readers.
  3. try to reproduce the rhetorical features of the original text. Many news headlines not only attract attention because of their conciseness and refinement, but also through the use of various rhetoric techniques, they not only effectively convey some subtle implicit information, but also enable readers to enjoy beauty in meaning, sound and form. Therefore, the rhetoric features of the source text should be embodied as much as possible in translation, such as pun, metaphor, rhyme and so on, so that the target text and the source text are basically identical in rhetoric, so that the readers of the target text can get almost the same feeling as the readers of the original text.
  4. translation trade-offs should be adopted. Sometimes, when some English headlines are difficult to express their subtle meanings in Chinese due to rhetorical devices or cultural and linguistic differences, it is advisable to translate appropriate Chinese headlines according to the literal meaning of English headlines and news content. In this way, according to the characteristics of Chinese and Chinese news headlines, different grammatical and rhetorical devices can be used to achieve the best results.
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