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  Now many products have instructions. We can use the product better only when we explain the instructions. Some international product instructions need to be translated. What's the way to share the instructions with you?


  1. The stylistic features and translation objectives of the manual from the perspective of word selection and sentence making, the manual frequently uses imperative sentences and unattended sentences, which are very logical. From the perspective of tone, the tone of the instruction manual is usually formal, with strict and standard language, objective and fair. From the rhetorical point of view, the style of the manual is generally simple, avoiding the elaboration of euphemism, especially rarely using unnecessary figures of speech. In view of the language characteristics and translation objectives of the specification, we believe that a good translation of the specification should not only be accurate and objective, but also be acceptable to the target readers and stimulate their purchase behavior.


  2. "Faithfulness and accuracy" principle specification is the bridge and link between manufacturers and consumers. If an enterprise wants to stand firm in the fierce international competition and successfully enter the international market, the translation must be accurate and authentic. If the translation is "distorted" or full of errors, it will not only leave a bad impression on consumers, but also directly affect the image and sales of products. What's more, those poor translations may also affect the normal production order and even endanger the safety of consumers' lives and property. In order to be faithful and accurate, we should pay attention to the choice of words and sentences. Generally speaking, the language of the instructions is simple, clear and clear, and the translator does not have much difficulty in dealing with the words in them. However, this does not mean that the translation of the instructions is safe.


  3. "Readability" principle: sometimes the product manual shoulders a more important mission than the advertisement, and it is closer to the consumer. Its expression will have a more direct impact on whether the consumer buys the product or not. Before translation, the translator must first analyze the information contained in the original text of the specification, especially the communicability of all kinds of information and the possible reception and response of the readers, and then take corresponding translation methods and strategies to ensure the readability of the translation.

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