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  Everyone knows that different countries have different cultures, different regions and different speaking habits. Translators need to pay special attention when translating. Today, medical translation companies are sharing the cultural differences of business French translation with you.


  1. Different Language Habits


  French-speaking areas in the world are very extensive, but French in different places has a strong local color. So some people say that it is not difficult to understand French, but it is difficult to understand French spoken by foreigners.

  如,非洲客人法语变音非常明显,而且发音不到位,声音在舌尖和唇间打转,速度很快。他们的小舌音[r]全部被大舌的 [R]代替,这样从听力上就非常考验译者的反应能力。当一个客人在询问你[pli],我们肯定会按照法国法语的发音规则在记忆中捜索词汇:pli、plie而实际上,客人询问的就是简单的Prix.[pri]。

  For example, African guests'French pronunciation is very obvious, and the pronunciation is not in place, the voice is swirling between the tip of the tongue and lips, and the speed is very fast. Their small tongue [r] is replaced by the big tongue [R], which tests the translator's response ability in listening. When a guest asks you [pli], we will surely use French pronunciation rules to recall words: pli, plie. In fact, the guest asks for a simple Prix. [pri].


  Therefore, it takes a long time to get familiar with the pronunciation and language characteristics of different French-speaking guests from all over the world.


  2. Different Customs and Habits


  Africa is the world's most French-speaking continent, including Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco in North Africa, and more than 20 countries south of the Sahara Desert, where most people believe in Islam.

  伊斯兰教规矩很多,与我们的日常生活有许多的区别,一定要遵循他们的生活习惯。如,饮食方面,要带他们去清真餐厅(Restaurant musulman);住宿时房间中要有一小块干净的空地提供给他们朝拜(Prier);要预留出上午和晚上的一段时间给他们“做早课”和“做晚课”;这些伊斯兰教的习俗作为译者必须事先有必要的了解,以避免与客人发生一些不必要的不愉快。

  There are many Islamic rules, which are different from our daily life. We must follow their habits. For example, in terms of diet, take them to Restaurant Muulman; have a small clean space in the room for their worship; set aside a period of time in the morning and evening for them to "do morning classes" and "do evening classes"; these Islamic customs as translators must be known beforehand to avoid unnecessary and unnecessary occurrences with guests. Cheerful.


  3. Differences in Cultural Habits


  Because the economic development level and cultural background of Western and developing countries are very different, the personal cultural habits of guests in different regions are also different.


  French people advocate freedom of personality, so French guests will be more casual in the process of communication. Translators can use Tu to address them to close the distance between them. And many African customers always want to maintain a high profile in the process of doing business, which requires translators to maintain respect for them, and it is better to address them with respect Vous.


  In addition, French laws and regulations are relatively sound, French people have a strong legal awareness, all business activities are based on contracts, in the process of translation, translators can remind the Chinese side not to be too arbitrary, but should act in accordance with the rules. African customers are relatively weak in legal awareness, most of them want oral agreement, and arrears are common in Africa. Therefore, translators must also pay attention to whether there are any small traps in business correspondence with them, and strive to make no compromise.

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