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  Localized translation is mainly to overcome the cultural differences of the product itself and attract more local users. Unlike ordinary translation, localized translation needs to follow these guidelines. Here's an introduction from Medical Translation Company.


  1. Concise and plain, concise and concise

  信息全面,含义准确; 语气流畅,逻辑通顺; 使用书面用语,符合汉语语法习惯; 杜绝错字、别字、多字、少字、标点符号误用和英文拼写错误; 译文的用词及语气须避免有对性别、年龄、种族、职业、宗教信仰、政治信仰、政党、国籍、地域、贫富以及身体机能障碍者的歧视。

  The information is comprehensive and accurate; the language is fluent and logical; the use of written language is in line with Chinese grammatical habits; the misuse of wrong words, other words, more words, fewer words, punctuation symbols and English spelling errors should be eliminated; the use of words and tone in the translation should avoid gender, age, race, occupation, religious beliefs, political beliefs, party, nationality, region, rich and poor, as well as physical and mental opportunities. Discrimination against persons with disabilities.


  2. Strict sentence structure

  从文体上看,大多是论述性、指南性的,多用陈述句、祈使句,平铺直叙,少有感情色彩。 句子结构简练严谨,常采用省略手法,用短语来代替从句。 词汇力求短小精悍,常用复合词,技术性越强,复合词越多。 在表现手法上力求客观性,避免主观性和个人色彩,被动语态使用较多,以使句子紧凑,主语信息丰富,避免重复。文章结构层次分明,连接词的使用十分频繁和重要。用词比较正规。

  From the stylistic point of view, most of them are expository and directive. They use statements and imperatives more, narrate plainly and directly, and have less emotional color. Sentence structure is concise and precise. Omitting is often used and phrases are used instead of clauses. Vocabulary strives to be short and concise, commonly used compound words, the more technical, the more compound words. In the way of expression, we should strive for objectivity, avoid subjectivity and personal color, and use more passive voice in order to make sentences compact, rich subject information and avoid repetition. The structure of the article is clear and the use of conjunctions is very frequent and important. Words are more formal.


  3. Active Language


  The language style of the manual is slightly more lively than on-line help or interface, and there are often some interrogative sentences, rhetorical questions, exclamatory sentences, slang, etc. When translating, we should translate these places elegantly and not orally to convey the feelings of the original text, and the way of expression is in line with the habits of Chinese.

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