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  The exchanges between countries are more and more extensive, and simultaneous interpretation is indispensable in the exchanges. What are the difficulties of simultaneous interpretation in today's book translation company?


  1. Handling inverted sentences. There are great differences in word order between English and Chinese, which makes interpretation more difficult.


  2. Passive voice and active voice. Passive voice is commonly used in English, while active voice is commonly used in Chinese. Knowing this, when translating into each other, we will avoid translating into English or Chinese.

  3、长句的处理。处理好长句子,是同声传译的基本功之一。qy288.vip千亿国际长句,除要注意根据意群,将其切断为简单句外,还有一个关键要掌握,即英文句子之所以长和复杂,那是为了避免重复使用同一个词,于是用who, which, that代替主词和宾语,因而使句子变得很长。而中文则不怕重复使用同一词语。

  3. The treatment of long sentences. Handling long sentences well is one of the basic skills of simultaneous interpretation. In translating long sentences, besides cutting them into simple sentences according to their meaning groups, there is also a key point to grasp, that is, the reason why English sentences are long and complex is to avoid the repetition of the same word and use who, which, that instead of the subject and object, so that the sentence becomes very long. Chinese is not afraid to repeat the same word.


  In addition to the key mentioned above, there is another way to learn to use "lubricants". In simultaneous interpretation, in order to be in a hurry, it is often possible to follow the syntactic structure of the original text to avoid major changes. When long sentences are cut into short sentences, it inevitably creates a sense of discontinuity and irrelevance. Therefore, between short sentences, we should add some functional words flexibly. These words themselves do not have any meaning, but they can make the translated sentences sound less difficult and stiff.


  4. The treatment of subtle differences in word meaning. Translators are characterized by strong memory, but the common shortcoming is that they lack understanding of the subtle differences between English words. Therefore, when translating, the main idea is often translated, but the subtleties of the spokesperson's words are lost, which makes them more rigid, sometimes even because they do not understand the subtleties of the meaning of the words, leading to significant differences in meaning.


  This is the book translation company to summarize the difficulties of simultaneous interpretation, I hope to help you, want to know more about the content, you can watch other articles on this site!

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