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  English is a common international language, which is widely used in daily life and work. Now the book translation company will share with you what misunderstandings should be avoided in doing English translation well.

  误区一:重语法、轻思想。发现很多同学错误的理解了老师在qy288.vip千亿国际复习时讲到句法以及搭配的意义。老师之所以要讲各种知识点,是为了让学生更好的理解原文,而并非是qy288.vip千亿国际的时候完全局限于词汇和句法。例如: share是“分担”的意思,提醒我们了解了这个,并不是说在任何一个句子,看到了这个词,就一定要qy288.vip千亿国际成分担。

  Myth 1: Emphasizing grammar over thought. It was found that many students misunderstood the meaning of syntax and collocation in the teacher's translation review. The reason why teachers should talk about all kinds of knowledge points is to enable students to better understand the original text, rather than the translation is completely confined to vocabulary and syntax. For example, share means "share", which reminds us of this. It does not mean that in any sentence, when we see the word, we must translate it into "share".


  Myth 2: It is safer to keep the structure consistent with the original text. In fact, English and Chinese are two completely different languages. First of all, English is a "hypothetical" language. Language meaning is expressed in the form of language, while Chinese is a "divine" language. Secondly, the way of thinking in English and Chinese is also different. The thinking of native English speakers is "straight line" thinking, while the thinking of Chinese people is indeed spiral thinking. Some English sentences, if translated strictly according to the structure of the original sentence, will make the translation very poor.


  Mistake 3: Ignore the context and translate directly. Some students think that the translation part of the postgraduate entrance examination in English is only about 20 minutes in total. Reading content is usually difficult and time is urgent. It is better to translate sentences directly without looking at the articles. As a matter of fact, reading is also one of the contents of translation. On the other hand, if the original is not grasped carefully, the tone of the translation may be different from that of the original. Without the understanding of the adjacent sentences, the understanding of the sentences that need to be translated is likely to be out of context. It is believed that "translation accuracy" also loses its foundation.

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